Northwest Region Show Calendar

Listed below are the upcoming shows for the Northwest Region. The listing includes those shows with Planned show dates and those with Licensed show dates (as listed in the CFA Almanac) as well as Traditional show dates (for scheduling and planning purposes).

Some of the online show flyers have been created in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To view these flyers, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You may download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader here or by clicking the button below.

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Clubs wishing to schedule a new show, or to hold their show on a date other than their traditional show date should contact the Regional Show Scheduler (Pam Moser).

Changes or corrections to information shown on either the list or the calendar should be reported to Kathy Durdick or the Regional Show Scheduler.

The CFA website now has a media kit and publicity package available for clubs, which includes step-by-step advice on handling publicity, and links to logos, etc.

We now have a list of the traditional dates for region 2 and region 5 shows, for 2014-15.

For shows in other regions, please check those regions' web sites (links available here) or the on-line schedule on the CFA web site.

Most shows provide a customized online entry form, available via their online show flyer.

Valley Cat Fanciers/Willamette Valley Cat Club - Longview, WA
Cowlitz County Convention Center, 1900 7th Avenue

225 Limit: 5 AB/1 SP - 6 HHP - 6 Veterans - Agility [ Show flier ]
Judges: Fuller, Griswold, Harding, B, Moser, Quigley, Heidt (SP)

02/17/2018 - 02/18/2018
Call of the Wild Cat Fanciers - Santa Rosa, CA
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Road

225 Limit: 6AB/2SP - 8 HHP - 8 Veterans - Agility [ Show Flier ]
Judges: Webster, Fuller, Zenda, Nye, Gradowski, Harding, Nasin (SP), Pearson(SP)

03/03/2018 - 03/04/2018
Tails and No Tales Cat Club - San Jose, CA
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 844 Tully Road

225 Limit: 6AB/2SP - 8 HHP [ Show Flier ]
Judges: Mare, Myers, Nye, Adkison, McIntyre, Fuller, Ganoe(SP), Bassett(SP)

HCM Clinic - Clackamas, OR

Price is $200 per cat. Contact for more details

Northwest Regional Fundraiser - Portland, OR
Doubletree at Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah Street

225 Limit: 5AB/1SP - 6HHP - 6Vet [ Show Flier ]
Judges: Webster, Nye, Jaeger, Orlando, Newkirk, Heidt (SP)

03/17/2018 - 03/18/2018
Idaho Cat Fanciers - Boise, ID
Expo Idaho, 5610 Glenwood

225 Limit: 6 AB/2 SP - 8 HHP - 8 Vet [ Show Flier ]
Judges: Nye, Newkirk, Black, Jaeger, G Powell, B Moser, Griswold (SP), P Moser (SP)

04/07/2018 - 04/08/2018
Crow Canyon Cat Club - Pleasanton, CA
Alameda County Fairgrounds, 4501 Pleasanton Avenue

225 Limit: 7AB/3SP - 10 HHP - 10 Vet - Agility [ Show Flier ]
Judges: Honey, Fuller, Nye, Webster, Harding, Auspitz, Jacobberger, Quigley (SP), Ganoe (SP), Heidt (SP)

04/14/2018 - 04/15/2018
Puget Sound Cat Club/McKenzie River Cat Fanciers - Longview, WA
Cowlitz County Convention Center, 1900 7th Avenue

225 Limit: 7 AB/3 SP - 10 HHP - 10 Veterans [ Show Flier ]
Judges: Helmrich, B Moser, Hiemstra, Janzen, Harding, Quigley, Fuller, P Moser (SP), Heidt (SP), Auth (SP)

North Pacific Siamese Fanciers - Issaquah, WA
Traditional Date - Cancelled 2018

NW Regional Awards Show and Banquet - Portland, OR
Doubletree Hotel Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah St

225 Limit: 5AB/1SP / 6 HHP / 6 Vet
Judges: Quigley, Harding, Nye, Newkirk, Fuller, Heidt (LH/SH)