2011-12 Top Cats in Championship

Best Cat

GC, BW, NW San-Toi’s Timbuctoo
Seal Point Siamese Male

Breeder: Dee Johnson & Connie Roberts
Owner: D. Johnson-C. Roberts-L. Carlson

2nd Best Cat

GC, NW Kelloggs Aces High
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male

Breeder/Owner: Heinrich & Carly Kellogg

3rd Best Cat

GC, BW, RW Kotchera Carmel Corn
Brown Spotted Tabby & White Siberian Male

Breeder: Wendy Heidt
Owner: Wendy Heidt & Linda Flanigan

4th Best Cat

GC, RW Castlkatz Grawp of Mugglecats
Blue British Shorthair Male

Breeder: Ginger Meeker
Owner: Lisa Lee Jones Garner

5th Best Cat

GC, NW KCDancers Tiger Two
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male

Breeder: Craig & Kathy Miller
Owner: C. & K. Miller, I. Sugita and F. Dueker

6th Best Cat

GC, RW Averill’s Sullys In The Hudson
Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Male

Breeder/Owner: Julie Averill-Martin

7th Best Cat

GC, RW Lyonwood Medicine Man
Blue Abyssinian Male

Breeder/Owner: Shirley Hess

8th Best Cat

GC, RW Ocigatos Bacchus of Blue Mune
Tawny Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder: Kathy Gumm
Owner: Kristine Kaliszewski & K. Gumm

9th Best Cat

GC, RW Sanmar Colton of Shadedknoll
Shaded Silver Persian Male

Breeder: Shirley Crawford
Owner: Sally Daniels

10th Best Cat

GC, BW, RW Dramatails Lethal Weapon
Red Spotted Tabby & White SH Selkirk Rex Male

Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Shirley Rafferty & L. Robinson

11th Best Cat

GC, RW Mystic Rose Spot On
Brown Tabby & White Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Lisa Larcom

12th Best Cat

GC, RW Agavecoon Maximilien
Silver McTabby & White Maine Coon Male

Breeder/Owner: Steve & Carol Allen

13th Best Cat

GC, RW Inthewind Parker
Blue & White Persian Male

Breeder: Linda A. Fisher
Owner: Wissam Moghrabi & Linda Fisher

14th Best Cat

GC, RW Benhana Yurika of Kenipurr
Red Tabby & White SH Japanese Bobtail Female

Breeder: Dawn Benaim & Kendall Smith
Owner: Kendall Smith & Dawn Benaim

15th Best Cat

GC, RW Phyxius So Not Solid of Mystic Rose
Black & White Persian Male

Breeder: Erma Goforth & Sheryl Fann
Owner: Lisa Larcom

16th Best Cat

GC, RW Kurisumasu Zen’i
Patterned Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail Female

Breeder: Marianne Clark & Susan Eckert
Owner: M. Clark & Betty Carruthers

17th Best Cat

GC, RW Angelsheart C S Lewis Lento
Champagne Mink Tonkinese Male

Breeder: P-D. Schuetz-K. Lovelace
Owner: P-D. Schuetz-C. Harrington-Kanis

18th Best Cat

GC, RW Lynsgems Diamond Jubilee
Black Smoke Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Lynda Peace

19th Best Cat

GC, RW Cummere Butterscotch Sundae
Cream Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Gloria Cummings

20th Best Cat

GC, RW Ocigatos Holding Aces
Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder/Owner: Kathy Gumm

21st Best Cat

GC, RW Kat Attack’s Zenyatta
Ebony Oriental Shorthair Female

Breeder/Owner: Linda Ahrens


22nd Best Cat

GC, RW Topcattery Happenstance
Brown Tabby Persian Male

Breeder: Linda Pisani
Owner: Lia A. Greendale

23rd Best Cat

GC, RW Abyzona Getoutofjailfre of Lexmieux
Ruddy Abyssinian Male

Breeder: Angeline Watanabe
Owner: Karen Mahoney

24th Best Cat

GC, RW Kenipurr’s Rikki Bobbie
Red Tabby-White SH Japanese Bobtail Female

Breeder/Owner: K. Smith-M. Clark-L. Boelter

25th Best Cat

GC, RW Valnika’s Magnolia of Tsar Blu
Russian Blue Female

Breeder: Fh & Valarie Williamson
Owner: Donna J. Fuller