2022-23 Show Season Awards Sponsorship Opportunities

The Northwest region is pleased to offer you the chance to sponsor an individual cat’s regional award again this year.

A cat’s award can be sponsored by an individual(s), a cattery, a club, or in special memory of a cat or person. The possibilities are endless! Maybe someone has a cat that you’ve admired all year long – sponsoring that cat’s award is a marvelous way to show that! Or maybe they have a cat that really does look “just like one I had at home”, at some time in your past – sponsor the award, in memory of that special cat! Or maybe you’ve always wanted to HAVE a cat that looks “just like that”. As you can see, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you think the price of sponsoring the award is just a little out of reach, go in with a friend, and sponsor another friend’s cat. Give up one of your stops at Starbucks each week, and you’ll have the award paid for in no time! (I know, that’s pretty much a horrifying thought, for those in the Northwest…)

Think about it… get your friends excited about it… be the first one to have “your class” completely sponsored! You’ve competed against these cats all season long, admired them, wished they were at a different show than you were, etc. – now it’s time to celebrate them! What better way to show that we really are “one big family”, than to honor each other’s cats, once the season is over.

The deadline to have your name included in the awards booklet is June 30.

Just like last year, the sponsorships will be kept a surprise, until the awards banquet – all that will be listed on this page is that the cat/award has been sponsored, but not by who….

Sign up NOW, and convince all of your friends to do the same! Let’s make everyone proud to be a part of the BEST region in CFA, the Northwest Region!

** Thank you all for your support of the regional awards **