2023-24 Distinguished Merit Winners

GC Genasaqua’s Calliope of 2-Che, DM
Black & White Persian Female

Breeder: Lisa Monical
Owner: Leicy Bartlett, Robert Irvine

Congratulations on all you have accomplished.
From one ending started a new beginning.
May it continue for generations. I am so Proud !

GC, BWR, RW Kurisumasu Do U Believe In Bunnies?, DM
Red Patterned & White Longhair Japanese Bobtail Female

Breeder: Marianne Clark-Kendall Smith
Owner: Marianne Clark, Betty Carruthers

Congratulations from your ‘American’ friend!


GC Lostwoods You Are My Sunshine, DM
Brown Patched Tabby & White Norwegian Forest Cat Female

Lisa S Vasa

Congratulations From Everyone In The Northwest Region!


GC Lutece Praline, DM
Chartreux Female

Breeder: Orca Starbuck-Matilda Starbuck
Owner: Orca Starbuck

 Congratulations from your ‘American’ friend!