Helpful Tips for the NW Region Email Group

Problems Receiving NW Region Emails?

Please Read This:

The Groups io listserv was chosen by the CFA regions for their lists when yahoo groups closed because it has a similar format and is more protective of members’ privacy than a lot of the other available listservs.

Any listserv we chose to use would have issues being falsely identified as spam mail to a certain percentage of our members’ internet service providers. There is nothing we can do to prevent that from happening. What we can do is try to help you work around the problem on your end. If you are having issues getting the emails, please read through this help section to try to troubleshoot the problem:

Use this link to login to the Groups io home page:

It will allow you to see all of the groups to which you belong. You can click on the group page you want and adjust your settings to control the way you receive your emails from that group. You will also find all of the group posts here if you have missed some and want to catch up.

On your end, you can go into your email program and check your spam folder. If you find the group emails in there, mark them as “not spam” and move them to your inbox. 

If you aren’t opposed to creating a separate email address for your region 2 notifications, you might try that (Gmail seems to work nicely).

If the emails don’t show up at all, you can try contacting your internet service provider. Ask to have the Groups io domain whitelisted for your individual email address. Your provider may or may not be willing/able to work with you in getting your system set up to receive the emails. It will depend on the company’s email filtering policies. 

What any member can always do is go to our io group web site (the link provided above), log in, and view the posts there. It can be a pain, but at least the posts are available. 

There is a FAQ sheet on the Groups io page that can also help troubleshoot some of these email issues:

Email spam filtering can happen in a lot of different places. An ISP can filter and delete messages before accepting them to their server (typically filtering on IP address); they can accept them, then delete them or send them to your spam folder (filtering on content); or you can have your own email program settings set to filter or delete certain types of emails or emails with particular kinds of content. 

Comcast users have a notoriously difficult time using Groups io. The group owners have been trying to find workarounds for some time with little success because Comcast will not whitelist Groups io across the boards. 

This is what one Comcast user (who was at least receiving the emails into the spam folder) did to solve the issue: 

“What I ended up doing was going through the menu online until I found how to create a ‘rule’ that would automatically move anything from from the Spam folder into the Inbox folder.”

General Groups io help is available here:


Joining the NW Region E-list:

There have been some complaints about the level of difficulty in joining the list in the first place. There is a reason for this. 

The group membership application and acceptance process is moderated. Often the administrators have nothing more than an email address to go by to determine if a request to join the group should be accepted or denied. 

Since this is a private Region 2 only list and often there are discussions involving people talking about show weekends when many members will be away from their homes, the Administrators are very careful about screening the members who are allowed to join.  

If you wish to join the group with an obscure email address, let the gate keeper, Pam Moser, know that you are behind the email address before you apply to join the group. 

Then send your subscription request to:

Your privacy and security are important to us. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly difficult to protect everyone across all platforms without some glitches. Please try to work with us as we do the best that we can to balance your privacy and security with getting out information in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank you,

The CFA NW R2 ListServ Administrators