2022-23 Breed Winners - Persian, Calico/Bi-Color Division

Congratulations Friends! Very exciting year for all these beautiful Bi-Color Persians and their breeders/owners.
Much love and success, Victoria & Ariat PhantomAngel Persians

GC, RW 2-Che's Voila


GC, RW 2-Che’s Voila
Brown Tabby & White Female

Breeder/Owner: Leicy Bartlett-Robert Irvine

GC, RW 2-Che's Be My Hope

2nd Best

GC, RW 2-Che’s Be My Hope
Brown Mac Tabby & White Male

Leicy Bartlett – Robert Irvine

3rd Best

GC, RW Vitas Little Ruckus
Brown Tabby & White Male

Breeder: Tamara Vysotskaya
Owner: Heidi Murphy-Sherry Kern

GC, RW Vitas Little Ruckus